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  • Car Park Decking Systems

    Car Park Decking Systems

    Deckmaster’s flexible System R car park decking solution tested by BRE in accordance with BSEN1504-2

  • Flexible Roofing Solutions

    Flexible Roofing Solutions

    Deckmaster BM solutions developed for waterproofing layers in inverted roofs and protected flat roofs, including zero pitched roofs

  • Walkways and Demarcation Coatings

    Walkways and Demarcation Coatings

    Deckmaster supplies specialist coatings in a comprehensive range of colours for demarcation purposes, designed to create walkways, bays, designated parking areas and other visual indications

  • External Resin Flooring

    External Resin Flooring

    Deckmaster products have been used successfully in a range of external resin flooring schemes, providing robust, practical and attractive solutions