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Seamless Leak Protection With Deckmaster Car Park Decking System

High performance Deckmaster System R by Resdev has been selected to treat a large roof deck car parking area at the new office block under construction for CDS (Superstores International Ltd), the firm behind The Range Stores. Located in Plymouth, the car park measures 3,000m2 in total and will serve the chain’s new administrative HQ at this new retail centre.

The Range, which was originally established in Plymouth, now has 158 stores across the UK and Ireland. Work is now almost complete on the new development, which houses a huge Range store as well as the headquarters office building.

System R permits installation over new concrete

The Deckmaster system was selected not just on performance grounds but also because its integral damp proofing membrane layer permits installation on new concrete with higher levels of relative humidity. The progress of the build demanded that the roof deck car parking should be completed at an early stage of the project to facilitate work in the areas located below.

Deckmaster R being installed at the Range

Longevity was also an important consideration. Deckmaster’s flexible System R car park decking solution has been tested by BRE in accordance with BSEN1504-2, which governs surface protection products as a coating for use as ingress protection and physical resistance.

Standard and disabled parking bays installed

The work was carried out by specialist installers CPC Car Park Coating Ltd, experts in the installation of car park deck coatings. The team from CPC first applied the damp proof membrane, installing a jointing system to manage projected limited movement in the structure into the future. Deckmaster System R was then applied to the entire parking facility, using an attractive light grey colour to match design requirements for the traffic aisles and a darker grey with white demarcation for the parking bays. Disabled bays were clearly delineated using reds and blues.

Disabled parking bays at the Range

Deckmaster System R provides optimum crack bridging waterproofing properties together with seamless leak protection and advanced levels of slip resistance. In addition, fast application and curing characteristics offer significant benefits for construction projects where completion deadlines are an important consideration.

Phase 1 has now been completed, with Phase 2 scheduled for completion later in 2019.

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