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Deckmaster Provides Safe Car Park Surfaces For South Western Railway

South Western Railway continues to invest heavily in the network to deliver high quality, safe and reliable services. One area of passenger improvement initiatives has been the creation of hundreds of new car parking spaces at key locations to accommodate growth, providing an additional 1,400 spaces at eight of the busiest stations by the end of 2017.

Non-Slip Car Park Surfaces For Driver Safety

These one and two-storey car parking decks are new-build structures using pre-cast panels jointed with a waterproofing system. With the first of these buildings put into use back in 2016, it became clear that in the interests of public safety, a non-slip coating to the driving surfaces would enhance the facilities.

Car park surfacing specialists Deckmaster, part of the Resdev Group of companies, had already created a specification for applications and environments of this type. With the car parks already in use, it was essential that any solution was quick to install and put back into service almost immediately to reduce the potential impact on customers of restricting car parking spaces during their busy commute.

Deckmaster proposed the installation of the company’s proprietary HFS ID anti-slip driving surface. This system is designed to achieve advanced and long-lasting levels of durability, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance, with a unique rapid one coat application for concrete and polymer-modified sand/cement screeds. Resistant to a wide range of fuels, hydraulic oils, mineral oils and solvents, HFS ID is cold applied with low odour installation, is available in a range of standard colours and offers low maintenance, easy-clean properties.

The work was carried out by Roadgrip Ltd, specialists in the installation of car park surfaces, wall and ceiling coatings for multi-storey and underground car parks.

One Coat Application with The Anti-Slip Aggregate Contained Within The Resin

The real benefit of the Deckmaster system is its self-priming capabilities, with the aggregate contained in the resin as it is applied. This allows for speedy, one coat application and durability in use. The application team first prepared the surface using mechanical shot blasting methods and removing all residues. HFS ID was then applied in two shades of grey to denote parking areas and drive aisles. Parking bays and directional signage were then demarcated using hard-wearing car park marking paint.

Completed over the winter of 2016 and into the summer months, covering some very challenging weather conditions, the projects were successfully carried out within very short time windows to minimise customer inconvenience and loss of parking revenue.

Roadgrip has now installed the Deckmaster solution across all eight new rooftop car parking decks utilised by South Western Railways customers, providing an attractive and practical solution meeting all current regulations and requirements. Where lower decks are in service as parking areas, Deckmaster materials have also been used to coat the lower deck walkway aisles for added safety.

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