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Deckmaster Flooring Handles High Levels Of Relative Humidity

Service area before the new floorLaying performance flooring systems on concrete slab substrates can present a number of problems when the substrate registers very high levels of relative humidity. Deckmaster products by Resdev provide effective solutions capable of withstanding the potential adverse effects, creating safe, robust and aesthetically pleasing end results.

Following the construction of a new showroom and vehicle servicing area for a leading motor vehicle dealership, completion of the flooring areas in the workshops had come to a halt because of cold weather conditions, relative humidity in excess of 80% and high moisture readings in the concrete slab.

Deckmaster flooring systems provide a no-delay solution

The Deckmaster team proposed a solution using the Deckmaster ID system. These products were developed specifically for internal application on concrete and polymer modified sand/cement screeds. The Deckmaster ID system offers a high performance, fast cure option particularly applicable to time-sensitive projects where getting the floor area into use quickly and reliably is a key consideration.

During the installation processThe installation team first prepared the substrate using mechanical grinding techniques followed by removal of all debris. The first coat of damp proof membrane was then applied, followed by a second coat blinded with aggregate to create the required levels of slip resistance. Finally, a UVR sealer completed the application.

Low maintenance, easy clean, anti slip

Deckmaster ID is a cold applied, low odour flooring system providing advanced levels of UV and chemical resistance. Low maintenance, easy-clean properties are complemented by highly abrasion resistant finishes with safe anti-slip characteristics. All products are resistant to carbon dioxide and chloride ingress, and compatible line marking and signage systems are available.

The newly resurfaced resin floor of the Ford Dealership service area

As a result of the flooring work carried out, the workshops and servicing bays have been commissioned and put into operation without any delay.

Close up of one of the inspection bays in the service area

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