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Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Chester

The Challenge:
To complete a total refurbishment of an unusually shaped exposed roof deck, including concrete and asphalt repairs and overlaying with Deckmaster System R car park deck waterproofing and wearing course system.

The Customer:
Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Chester

The Main Contractor/The Deckmaster Contractor:
Car Park Coating Ltd
Specialists in new build and car park refurbishment projects and responsible for some of the most prestigious car park projects across the UK, CPC specialises in the supply and installation of car park deck, wall and ceiling coatings for multi-storey and underground car parks. CPC is also the UK’s leading expert in the repair and overlay of existing asphalt car park decks.

The Project:
The exposed roof covered an area of 6,000m2, with the job specification covering extensive concrete repairs incorporating cathodic anodes, rust inhibition and anti-carbonation coatings, replacement of movement joints, repairs to the existing asphalt deck and overlaying using the Deckmaster System R waterproofing and wearing course system.

Accreditation to BS EN 1504-2 was an essential element of this task, and Deckmaster had to demonstrate the track record of their systems, with CPC working closely through CBRE to complete the entire job within a 6 week contract period. With the car park built on a radius wedge shape, the potential for movement was significant, so CPC and Deckmaster combined a set of membranes and joints to meet these very specific challenges.

Deckmaster’s unique DPM primer means that work with System R can progress even during the winter months. The primer can be laid on damp substrates, which means that application schedules are far less weather dependent.

The project was completed using Deckmaster’s light stable, compatible car park line marking system.

“One of the many misconceptions regarding the time required for the installation of deck waterproofing systems is that speed of cure is the most important factor. Moisture tolerance, for example, particularly in the primer, is far more helpful than the speed of cure.”
Mike Williams, CPC

Please Note:
Deckmaster’s System R car park decking solution has been tested by BRE in accordance with BSEN1504-2: Surface protection products as a coating for use as ingress protection (1.3) and physical resistance (5.1).

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